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All the latest working Ubereats promo codes, coupon codes and discount codes, valid for September 2023. You can save on your next Ubereats order by using one of the coupons or discounts listed below.
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22% off Ubereats with Newsletter Signup

Online Discount • No Expiry Date

£10 off your first UberEats Order

Coupon • No Expiry Date

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Saving Money at Ubereats

UberEats has been a new player in the takeaway market, completely disrupting the usual takeaway business. No longer you need to phone up a takeaway and then they get the order wrong, UberEats completely simplifies the process and allows you to order from your favourite restaurants with ease via their Website or App. At Vouchertoday, we live by UberEats and Deliveroo, and it's even better if we can get a discount code for either of the companies - we really don't like paying full price without a discount code for our take aways! So, without going on, let's get to it and start saving money on our takeaways!

Once you've downloaded the UberEats website or app and entered your local postcode address you will see a new customer discount which will automatically be applied to your order - the new customer discount code for UberEats is usually automatically applied as soon as you load up the website or app without having the need to enter any sort of coupon code.

You may notice when you load up the website that there is a discount banner that pops up or a newsletter form which you can fill in - it's always worth filling these in before purchasing at any website - including UberEats.

When you've signed up to the app and entered your mobile number, you'll start receiving discount codes for UberEats on a regular basis via SMS and push notifications, it's really worth downloading the app to order.

UberEats Website Discount
UberEats Website Discount

If you're fancying a McDonald's delivered straight to your house, then in your in luck! UberEats can deliver McDonald's straight to your front door in specific countries. You can get up to 50% off your UberEats McDonald's order when you download the UberEats app and order from McDonald's once before.

Ordering from UberEats and then waiting around 2 weeks before ordering your next take away can usually get you a 30-50% discount code on your next UberEats either via your Email or SMS depending on what platform you ordered your previous UberEats from.

Got friends? Then you can send them a discount code straight from the UberEats app. When you sign up for UberEats you get a referral code which you can send to your friends. When your friends order from UberEats for the first-time you'll get up to £15 off your next order which is pretty great. Deliveroo have a similar discount referral program which you can take advantage of too. The UberEats referral discount is probably one of the best - as you can use the discount for taking Uber journeys as well!

UberEats student discount is pretty dangerous when you're a student! Students can get up to 15% off their UberEats order when you supply your student discount verification via various student websites. It's definitely worth a Google if you're a student looking for a delicious takeaway. Don't forget if you're not in the mood for a restaurant posh takeaway then you can still get a great Papa John's discount at our Papa John's page.


Ubereats Coupon Codes for September, 2023

Ubereats usually has up to ~1 coupon codes available for use throughout the year. The last coupon code we had on our system for Ubereats was Dec 29, 2021, with new coupon codes being added and searched daily by our team. Ubereats often has a constant deal of its product ranging from 10% to 37% off - it's worth reviewing their website from time to time.

When using one of our Ubereats coupon codes/discount codes found on this page, there are things to look out for. Sometimes, when Ubereats coupon codes are offered they may be specific to certain shoppers and may not work for you. Make certain you have added enough goods to your cart if the Ubereats coupon code has a limit on your spending. Once you've discovered the perfect coupon code for you, head over to the Ubereats website, paste the discount code into the "Coupon Code" field and press "Apply", the Ubereats coupon code should have now applied to your order. If not - please let us know!

Ubereats usually ships/sells internationally to numerous countries. Usually, restrictions apply so make sure to check Ubereats website before purchasing. They usually ship to the following country codes: tw au jp uk

If you work in the public services, such as NHS, Police or the military then you may be entitled to a discount at Ubereats. They may require you to present a card number such as the Blue Light card to gain the discount on your purchase.

Find the best restaurants that deliver. Get contactless delivery for restaurant takeout, groceries, and more! Order food online or in the Uber Eats app and support local restaurants.

The time that Ubereats discount codes are valid for varies, due to when the discount was first activated by the brand. Validity of discount for Ubereats ranges from 1 to 7 months on average. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the offer before clicking on the offer.

Ubereats on their website accepts Visa, Mastercard and all major credit card providers. Paypal and Klarna are sometimes available on Ubereats's website.

Student discount can be used at a number of CouponCodeFinder’ partners. Typically this is between 10-20% at Ubereats. Ubereats usually participates in Black Friday & Christmas Sales.

When you sign-up to Ubereats and enter your date of birth, sometimes Ubereats will send you a special discount code on your birthday which you can use to save money on their website.

Ubereats is a safe service to order from and have been verified by our third-party team here at CouponCodeFinder. As a pre-caution we recommend you check their online reviews before ordering.

Ubereats will only accept one discount code to be applied per order. This restriction does change from time to time depending on the discount code being used.

Usually, Ubereats does charge for delivery on their website, sometimes Ubereats has a discount code available right here on CouponCodeFinder, which makes standrad delivery free of charge. Ubereats does charge extra for next-day/special delivery.

Choose your desired Ubereats Discount Code.
Head to the Ubereats Official Website.
Go to the Ubereats checkout screen by clicking the cart icon.
Proceed through the checkout and click the "Add Promo Code" button.
Enter the promo code for Ubereats you saved.
Voila you've saved money at Ubereats.
You haven't added the required monetary value in your Ubereats cart.
The Ubereats promo code isn't valid. Try another one.
You may have tried to applied the Ubereats coupon to items that are not applicable.
You've added more than one promo code to your basket.
You're on an international version of the brand and the coupon code isn't valid..

Ubereats Customer Reviews

Good range of Restaurants on UberEats

Good range of restaurants to pick from. Simple to use the app and a few discounts after joining last year. You could get a weird restaurant that has a terrible service, screw up the order, or deliver late. I protested to the ubereats, and they gave me a discount on the next purchase. You can't really excuse ubereats for having issues with the restaurant you ordered. In the past, I've had similar issues with restaurants ordering orders and justats.

Customer support with a discount for my next order

Excellent customer support!! Order a little late, I got a little disturbed by the order monitoring, I was going to complain-but the biker so apologetic had a flat tire that justified the halt. A very sweet man you could see felt so disappointed. Yet his sincerity and sincere willingness to do a good job are more than enough to make me happy. And then, suddenly, I get an email "we need to do better" with a nice discount! One Move Forward, Great Service

£5 off my first order with UberEats

I'm pretty new to Uber Eats, so I've had some amazing first few encounters. It was literally a food emergency the first time I used it. I stayed at a hotel outside the city that had no room service or an open restaurant. But I downloaded the app out of sheer desperation to see if Uber will save the day. It was easy to download and navigate except for someone who wasn't the most tech-savvy person. I didn't have a problem locating a restaurant and putting my order through the app. I've been in such a rush that I haven't even been checking for a voucher and paying full price, but you can get £5 off your first order at Uber Eats if you want this code.

Saving £5 with a coupon

I ordered Little Caesars, the pick-up took 10-15 minutes longer than expected, but it was still nice and warm. Plus right after I received an email from Uber Eats saying "sorry that took so long" and sending me a 5 pound coupon. I was a little concerned about the ratings here, but it also seems like drivers are most likely underpaid because of the low price of the service. Yet I'm impressed, thanks to Uber Eats