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Coco & Eve Promo Codes, Coupons & Discounts

All the latest working Coco & Eve promo codes, coupon codes and discount codes, valid for September 2023. You can save on your next Coco & Eve order by using one of the coupons or discounts listed below.
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Coco&Eve Products
Coco&Eve Products

According to Coco & Eve, "your hair is the crown you wear every day," but who's better at keeping our locks looking lustrous? Inspired by Bali Beach Hair, the pair took advantage of the world's largest coconut manufacturer to develop a nourishing hair mask that reaps endless benefits. Enriched with raw virgin coconut oil, shea butter and fig essence, Coco & Eve promises to take your tresses back to their pure state in less than ten minutes.

Coco & Eve's story starts between the volcanic beaches and the green rainforests of Bali. The Aussie expat Emily spent many holidays enjoying the paradise of the island. From the quest for harmony in Ubud to the indulgence of the finest massages one day, the ultra-luxury day of spa visits the next, Emily has always sought constant motivation – and rejuvenation – in Bali.

Doing some searching, Emily discovered that Bali is genuinely Eden for beauty enthusiasts, with an endless bounty of skin-and-hair-loving fruits and vegetables. The diamond in the crown, huh? Fresh virgin coconuts – Indonesia is the world's leading source of this delicious, revitalizing superfruit.

Sourcing the finest tropical Balinese foods – from coconut oil and chocolate to ripe, juicy mangoes, papayas and guava – we've spent years perfecting our formulas to make sure they've been made. The outcome is our award-winning Like A Virgin Hair Mask and Sunshine Honey Bali Bronzing Foam – products that are not only great to use but offer outstanding results for your hair, body and face.

We spent years researching, improving and optimizing our formulations. We are passionate about our clients, but we never use drying and harmful sulphates, phthalates or parabens (unlike 98.9 per cent of beauty products!). We love our animal mates, too!

Keep an eye on @coandeve on Instagram and Facebook for all our new deals! Make sure you're subscribing to our email to be the first to hear when we've got a promo! To apply your coupon, we recommend copying and pasting the exact code into the discount code package. Bear in mind that special offers cannot be mixed, nor should they be used during campaigns, so double-check the fine print while the deal is live to be sure!

You should add a discount code at the shopping cart level, which is one move before you go to the checkout tab. Only enter the code in the "Promo Discount" box and press “Apply"


Coco & Eve Coupon Codes for September, 2023

Coco & Eve usually has up to ~1 coupon codes available for use throughout the year. The last coupon code we had on our system for Coco & Eve was Dec 29, 2021, with new coupon codes being added and searched daily by our team. Coco & Eve often has a constant deal of its product ranging from 10% to 69% off - it's worth reviewing their website from time to time.

When using one of our Coco & Eve coupon codes/discount codes found on this page, there are things to look out for. Sometimes, when Coco & Eve coupon codes are offered they may be specific to certain shoppers and may not work for you. Make certain you have added enough goods to your cart if the Coco & Eve coupon code has a limit on your spending. Once you've discovered the perfect coupon code for you, head over to the Coco & Eve website, paste the discount code into the "Coupon Code" field and press "Apply", the Coco & Eve coupon code should have now applied to your order. If not - please let us know!

Coco & Eve usually ships/sells internationally to numerous countries. Usually, restrictions apply so make sure to check Coco & Eve website before purchasing. They usually ship to the following country codes:

If you work in the public services, such as NHS, Police or the military then you may be entitled to a discount at Coco & Eve. They may require you to present a card number such as the Blue Light card to gain the discount on your purchase.

The time that Coco & Eve discount codes are valid for varies, due to when the discount was first activated by the brand. Validity of discount for Coco & Eve ranges from 1 to 10 months on average. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the offer before clicking on the offer.

Coco & Eve on their website accepts Visa, Mastercard and all major credit card providers. Paypal and Klarna are sometimes available on Coco & Eve's website.

Student discount can be used at a number of CouponCodeFinder’ partners. Typically this is between 10-20% at Coco & Eve. Coco & Eve usually participates in Black Friday & Christmas Sales.

When you sign-up to Coco & Eve and enter your date of birth, sometimes Coco & Eve will send you a special discount code on your birthday which you can use to save money on their website.

Coco & Eve is a safe service to order from and have been verified by our third-party team here at CouponCodeFinder. As a pre-caution we recommend you check their online reviews before ordering.

Coco & Eve will only accept one discount code to be applied per order. This restriction does change from time to time depending on the discount code being used.

Usually, Coco & Eve does charge for delivery on their website, sometimes Coco & Eve has a discount code available right here on CouponCodeFinder, which makes standrad delivery free of charge. Coco & Eve does charge extra for next-day/special delivery.

Choose your desired Coco & Eve Discount Code.
Head to the Coco & Eve Official Website.
Go to the Coco & Eve checkout screen by clicking the cart icon.
Proceed through the checkout and click the "Add Promo Code" button.
Enter the promo code for Coco & Eve you saved.
Voila you've saved money at Coco & Eve.
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You're on an international version of the brand and the coupon code isn't valid..

Coco & Eve Customer Reviews

Other companies need to learn!

But the most important thing is their customer support. One of my orders for my daughters' birthday had forgotten a little shell scratch, I called a customer service team who was so swift to respond so nice, and I quickly shipped it back. When you've got a wonderful customer experience, you've got to replicate the custom well that you do with me! 100% will purchase more of their goods and the need for other firms to take a leaf out of their representative book!

This stuff is truly a miracle Elixir

This material is a miracle, Elixir! Typically oils like this trigger greasy fur, a heavy smell that bothers your eyes and weights down your hair. But I haven't experienced all of those with this! My mom tried it, because she's got a brittle curly scalp, she's rejuvenated it, because she hasn't weighted down her hair for years! I tried it, too, and I got so many questions about the silk shine I had! Still find a little frizz at the end of the day, but certainly not as much as I normally do! Thank you so much for making this deal

My hair is back thanks to Coco & Eve

I'm in love with the product, and I have tears writing this review. (Coconut and Fig Hair Mask) Five years ago, due to depression and weight loss, my bad hair had lost a lot of time and never returned to normal. The last period my hair was smooth and silky was around a week after my hairdressers. I had a dry hair after that. I wouldn't have been able to get a brush through it and never wore it off, either up or bent to cover how bad it was. Around a month ago, I saw this product on Facebook and, like anyone else, I saw feedback and comments. But I just bought it. .I can frankly claim that as I was blowing my hair, my jaw dropped. I couldn't imagine that the brush was running through my hair. It's been 1 month now, and I've got my soft silk hair straight back, and I still wear it down. I'm so in love with this product and I'm going to give it to everyone. I even had a girl on a job order last week. I'm going to buy it again. Thank you so much for giving me my hair back. I'm going to be forever thankful. Only reserved your Tan pack and you can't wait to see what else you've got for me.